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Version History

v2.4 (9/Oct/2013):
  • Support iOS 7.
  • Add "Bookmark Mode" to show bookmarked locations on the map (only for the paid version).

v2.3 (12/Aug/2013):
  • It's now possible to mute the sound effect. Go to the option menu and select "configuration".
  • Improve the icon layout on iPad when displaying thumbnails in the "Panoramio Mode".
  • Fix bugs.

v2.2 (20/Jun/2013):
  • WhatsGoLa Camera: add the "Panoramio Thumbnail Mode" to browse Panoramio photos directly on the map. (Click the "eye" icon on the bottom right corner to switch between "Pin Mode" and "Panoramio Mode")
  • Improve UI effeciency and usability.

v2.1 (17/May/2013):
  • Improve UI speed and efficiency.
  • Display the Cool Places thumbnail images from the live server.
  • Searching address and POIs now returns much better results (requires iOS 6.1).

v1.7 (1/Mar/2013):
  • Add 45 Street View Categories including Arctic, Grand Canyon, Lucas Oil Stadium, and many from Taiwan and Japan. (see list below)
  • More than 900 points of interests added.
  • It now takes sharper Strteet View Photos. (iPhone 4S or above, iPad 2 or above, and iPod Touch 5)
  • Fix small bugs.

     ★★★★★ 45 New Street View Categories ★★★★★
  • Arctic
  • United States:
    • Grand Canyon
    • Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Japan:
    • JAXA
    • オススメ
    • ゴルフコース
    • ショッピング
    • スポーツ
    • ボートストリートビュー
    • レジャー
    • 大学
    • 山梨
    • 日本の城
    • 日本の美術館
    • 北海道
    • 伝統的な日本建築
    • 寺と神社
    • 自然の景観
    • 岐阜
    • 沖縄
    • 京都
    • 東京
    • 空港・駅
    • 長野
    • 洞窟
    • 庭園・公園
    • 高知
    • 高速道路 サービスエリア
    • 教会
    • 産業遺産
    • 愛媛
    • 徳島
    • 静岡
    • 横浜
    • 鎌倉
  • Taiwan:
    • 文化園區
    • 日月潭
    • 主題樂園
    • 休閒場所
    • 自然公園
    • 宗教場所
    • 運動場所
    • 熱門景點
    • 學校
    • 歷史古蹟

v1.4.1 (9/Jan/2013):
  • Add languages: French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Chinese (Traditional & Simplified).
  • Display Wikipedia web page in the device language if available.
  • UI improvements.

v1.4 (3/Dec/2012):
  • New feature: Visit Random Location. It lets you easily explore points of interests. (Use the 2-crossing-arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the map view)
  • Fix an issue for the Street View Camera when previewing photos taken from the landscape orientation.
  • Minor UI/Bug fixes

v1.3 (15/Oct/2012):
  • Initial Release